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How Travel Can Improve Your Mental Health w/ Gilad Gamliel

August 25, 2020

Do you suffer from anxiety? How have the unknowns of the road hindered your travel plans? What role does stress play in your travel planning?

Today we are diving into mental health and how it affects your life choices and future plans. My guest is Gilad Gamliel from Anxious & Abroad and he is very open in sharing his struggles with mental health issues, how he has learned to control them, the role travel plays in his journey, and the balance between planning vs. spontaneity. All this and more on today's episode so sit back and enjoy my talk with Gilad!

Has your anxiety ever stopped you from your travels? How has travel helped you overcome your anxiety?  Send me an audio message or shoot me an email over at

Grab all the links discussed over on the show notes episode page.

Tune In To Learn:

  • 09:20 Why Start Talking About Mental Health & Diagnoses
  • 13:45 Compulsions & When Did It Start
  • 15:55 How To Tell If You May Need Help
  • 17:45 Breaking Free From The Comfort Bubble
  • 22:05 The Shock To The System
  • 23:45 What Did Travel Do For Gilad
  • 26:30 Freelance & Contract Work Anxiety
  • 28:35 Transformation You See In Yourself During & After Travel
  • 30:15 Tips For Traveling With Anxiety
  • 33:00 The Coming Out Process & Gay Travel Tips
  • 35:35 Travel Highlights
  • 36:20 American Culture & Returning Home 
  • 41:45 What Has Been Learned From Putting Yourself Out There
  • And so much more

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