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Nomad Lifestyle with Nomad Cruise Founder Johannes Voelkner

August 4, 2020

Is the digital nomad lifestyle calling out to you? Do you want to get the inside tips, tricks, and methods to make sure you are a successful digital nomad?


Check out today's episode as we are talking about the full-time travel lifestyle and the different perspectives that come from it. I am very happy to have on my friend Johannes Voelkner from The Nomad Cruise and we are touching on how sometimes the more you travel the more you crave routine & familiarity, the two key things to your nomad lifestyle success, and the up and coming destinations that don't currently have a large digital nomad scene.


This episode was recorded prior to COVID-19 and there are currently no cruises allowed at this time but you can get on their email list to get notified when the cruises will be available again.


I am so excited to partner with who makes it possible to see the world without paying for accommodations. Make sure you listen to the entire podcast to get the promo code to save you some extra cash when you get your first exchange.

Tune In To Learn:

  • 08:05 The Steps That Exist In The Nomad Life
  • 10:15 Craving The Familiarity & What Is Home
  • 13:40 Digital Nomad Life & The Nomad Cruise
  • 19:20 Understanding The Power Of Community
  • 26:40 What It Takes To Be A Digital Nomad & Battling Overwhelm
  • 31:35 The Two Key Things To Digital Nomadism & What Businesses Are Thriving
  • 36:30 How To Still Be Productive When Fast Traveling
  • 38:10 Why You Need To Unplug
  • 40:30 Possible Up And Coming Digital Nomad Spots
  • 50:15 Hard Decisions, Lifestyle Design & Passion Projects
  • And so much more

Check out the show notes with all the links here!

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